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“My Stolen Planet" is a diary-style narrative by Farah, an Iranian filmmaker. Born during the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979, she captures moments of joy and defiance in her daily life, navigating the contrast between domestic freedom and external oppression. Simultaneously, she collects 8mm archives from people she doesn't know. Relying on others' recordings, she gains a new perspective on losing memories.


Her connection with Leyla, an Iranian professor who left Iran during the revolution, adds a name and story to one of her archive's faces. Farah's mother, suffering from Alzheimer's, motivates her to fight against forgetting. In the fall of 2022, the Women, Life, Freedom uprising became a turning point in Farah's life, as well as in the lives of many others in Iran.  


This is a homemade history.


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Farahnaz Sharifi is an award-winning Iranian filmmaker and film editor who was forced to go into exile at the end of 2022. She has graduated from Tehran University in Cinema studies. Her films are mostly based on archives and she uses archive images and film to tell her stories. Farahnaz is also a well known film-editor in Iran. Her recent work as an editor is an acclaimed feature length documentary film “Radiograph of a Family” which won the Best feature length documentary Film Award IDFA 2020. Farahnaz has received many awards inside and outside of Iran including best film Award in Uppsala Short Film Festival and Fajr Film Festival in Iran. In addition, she was a jury member at IDFA 2021. Beside her career as a filmmaker and editor, she is also a writer and her book of short stories "Breathing in Open Air" has been published in Iran.

"To overcome challenging situations, such as living under a repressive regime, sharing our stories can be a powerful tool to resistance."


MY STOLEN PLANET is personal, political and poetic - Farahnaz Sharifi
succeeds in creating a unique aesthetic combination of image montage,
linguistic narrative and music. The result is a resonating space that
conveys great sadness and at the same time allows the audience a frightening realisation and deep emotional involvement.

Farahnaz Sharifi

"Archive is memory. Without memory, you are not able to remember who you are."


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Germany/Iran 2024

82 Min. Colour


Director: Farahnaz Sharifi

Screenplay: Farahnaz Sharifi

Cinematography: Farahnaz Sharifi

Editing: Farahnaz Sharifi

Music: Atena Eshtiaghi

Sound Design: Daniel Wulf

Sound: Farahnaz Sharifi

Producer: Anke Petersen, Lilian Tietjen & Farzad Pak

Executive Producer: Anke Petersen

Produktion: JYOTI Film Gmbh

Co-Production: PakFilm, Hamburg

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Second Panorama Audience Award
74.Berlinale Panorama - World Premiere


26. Thessaloniki Documentary Festival - International Premiere in international competion
German Documentary Music Award 2024 for
Atena Esthiaghi
48. HKIFF Hong Kong International Film Festival - Reality Bites - Asian Premiere
Golden Alexander 26TIDF Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival   2024
FIPRESCI Award 26TIDF Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival   2024
Visions du Réel -  Highlights - Swiss Premiere
Dokfest Munich -  Filmmakers in Exile - Regional Premiere
Hot Docs -  Persister - North American Premiere
Roman Brodmann Preis, Haus des Dokumentarfilms - Europäisches Medienforum
37. Bolzano International Film Festival Bozen
Taiwan International Documentary Filmfestival
Beldocs IDFF -  Survival is not enought section - Serbian Premiere
Innsbruck IFFI - Austrian Premiere
Bildrausch Filmfest Basel - Regional Premiere
71. Sidney Film Festivai - Int. Documentary Strand - Australian Premiere
Audience Award Bolzano International Film Festival Bozen 2024
Audience Award and Next Generation Award
TIDF Taiwan 2024
Silver Apricot, Regional Competition Golden Apricot Film Festival Yerevan 2024
Golden Apricot Film Festivai - Competition - Armenian Premiere


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